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URO 600 Oil Skimming System
Source:     Editor:     Date: 2014-3-7

The URO 600 Offshore Oil Skimming System features four recovery modules using RBS TRITON™ technology capable of recovering over 600m³/h.

The URO 600 system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON™ 600 oil skimmer head, hydraulic power pack, and floating-hose reel system with integrated crane.

The complete system is stored on a compact and standard ISO type 8 ft x 20 ft system base that allows the system to be transported by truck from a warehouse to a vessel of opportunity.

Once loaded and secured on a vessel or jetty, the system can be deployed by one operator, via wireless remote control, either over the side or stern of the vessel.

The skimmer head is maneuvered via two thrusters directly into the areas of concentrated oil for efficient oil recovery operations.

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